Carbon Anode for Fluorine Gas Generation

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Carbon Anode for Fluorine Gas Generation


These carbon plates work as the exclusive anode material in the electrolytic cells for generating fluorine gas or gaseous fluorides such as sulfur hexafluoride, carbon tetrafluoride, nitrogen trifluoride and etc.


Programmable properties

High density and high mechanical strength

Low electrical resistance

Corrosion resistance to fluorine and hydrogen fluoride

Good wettability to the electrolytes and low overvoltage


Typical sizes


Other sizes are available on request.



Specifications   Unit Value
Bulk Density (≥) g/cm3 1.7
Specific Resistance (≤) μ Ω·m 38
Compressive Strength (≥) MPa 70
Bending Strength (≥) MPa 25
Ash (≤) % 0.3
Degree of Graphitization   % ~ 0


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