Fine-grained Graphite


Molds, chutes, sleeves, linings, etc. in continuous casting systems for making shaped steel, cast iron, copper or aluminum.

Sintering molds for cemented carbides, diamond tools and electronic components.

Electrodes for EDM.

Molds for making shaped glass.

Crucibles for melting precious metals or alloys.

Anodes for production of manganese dioxide, metallic magnesium and rare metals.

Heaters, heat shields, crucibles or boats in some industrial furnaces (such as furnaces for pulling monocrystalline silicon or optical fibers).

Bearings and seals in pumps, turbines and motors.


Programmable properties

Fine grain

Homogeneous structure

High density

Excellent thermal conductivity

High mechanical strength

Proper electrical conductivity

Minimum wettability to molten metals


Typical Sizes

Block L x W x T  (Nominal, mm)
205×140×85, 210×150×100, 220×190×120, 310×160×85, 410×270×130, 410×320×160, 450×270×160, 500×300×180, 510×310×180, 510×310×210, 660×190×140, 660×220×200, 900×320×200
Round Diameter x Thickness (Nominal, mm)
55x120, 63x140, 75x130, 85x150, 95x125, 110x160, 120x260, 120x320, 145x260, 145x320, 155x260, 155x320, 170x250, 185x260, 185x320, 195x260, 195x320, 220x260, 220x320, 255x260, 265x320, 300x250, 350x310,  400x400
* Other dimensions are available on request.



Specifications   Unit FGB-D2
Bulk Density (≥) g/cm3 1.8
Compressive Strength (≥) MPa 60
Bending Strength (≥) MPa 35
Shore hardness (≥)   45
Specific Resistance (≤) μ Ω·m 13
Ash  (Normal Grade) (≤) % 0.2
Ash  (purified)   ppm 30-50
Maximum Grain Size   mm 0.044


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