Medium-grained Graphite Block & Round


Molds: hot pressing molds, static casting molds, centrifugal casting molds, pressure casting molds, etc.

Furnace parts:  resistance heating elements, induction susceptors, structural elements and charging plates, furnace linings, heat shields and covers for pulling monocrystalline silicon or optical fibers, etc.

Anodes for electrolysis of metals.

Cathodes in aluminum electrolysis cells.

Parts for heat exchangers.

Crucibles for melting and reduction.

Boats and trays for sintering


Programmable properties

Medium-grained, uniform and dense structure

High thermal and chemical resistance

Good thermal conductivity

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Minimal wettability to molten metals


Typical Sizes

W x T x L  (Nominal, mm)
Block 400x400x1800, 500x500x1800, 500x330x1900, 520x330x2150,520x330x2550, 550x550x1800, 620x450x2150, 650x400x1800, 850x400x1800
Round Diameter (mm):  400 — 1600
Thickness (mm):  360 — 900
* Other sizes are available on request.



Specifications   Unit MGB-V4
Bulk Density (≥) g/cm3 1.74
Specific Resistance (≤) μ Ω·m 8.5
Compressive Strength (≥) MPa 34
Bending Strength (≥) MPa 16
C.T.E. (100~600℃) (≤) 10-6/℃ 2.5
Maximum Grain Size   mm 0.8
Ash (≤) % 0.3


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