What’s Duranice Applied Materials?

Duranice Applied Materials (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is one of the professional producers for specialty carbon and graphite materials. Combined the high level talents and local resources, we are engaged in the research and production of carbon & graphite materials, including graphite electrodes (RP, HP and UHP), fine-grained graphite (i.e. die-molded graphite blocks & rounds, small size extruded rods), medium-grained graphite (i.e. large size vibration molded graphite blocks & rounds, middle size extruded rods), thermal management graphite, electrolytic carbon anodes or graphite anodes, wear-resistant carbon & graphite, graphite-ceramic composite, oxidation retardant carbon & graphite and impervious graphite, as well as the PFM (plasma facing material) for nuclear fusion reactors. These products contribute to a variety of industries of metallurgy, machinery, chemistry, semi-conductor, solar energy, glass & ceramic, transportation, aeronautics & astronautics, nuclear technology, etc.

Covering about 140,000 square meters, the production facility is equipped with the integrated production lines which consist of the processes of raw materials preparation, mixing & kneading, rolling, forming, baking, pitch impregnation, graphitization, machining, inspection and etc. Meanwhile, our production capabilities are extended to such special processes as resin impregnation, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), oxidation retardant treatment and etc. We are also in the position to produce and process the customized carbon and graphite products.

We have established a win-win, mutual trust and mutual development partnership with the customers and suppliers. Meanwhile, we are devoted to stimulate the development of carbon science & industry and seek the common benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the society. 

Let's keep pace with the times and create a better future!