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The Conference on Carbon and Graphite Materials was Held in Ningbo, China 2011-01-13

From October 13 to 15, 2010, the conference on carbon and graphite materials was held in Ningbo, China.

It is the China Electrotechnical Society Carbon- Graphite Material Professional Committee Meeting and also the 22nd conference on carbon and graphite material which brought together 55 researchers from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Institute Of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Institute Of Metal Research, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Harbin Electric Carbon Factory, etc.

Duranice Applied Materials Co., Ltd. also attended the great conference.

Prof. Feiyu Kang discussed the development and the key technology of power of electric vehicles. Prof. Maozhang Wang discussed the design of the catalyst materials of the graphene based metals or its chemical compounds. Mr. Ge Sun discussed how to improve the quality of isostatic graphite.

Prof. Xiuyun Chuan, Mr. Junming Su and other 14 conference attendances made the presentations on the hot fields of Mesoporous Carbon, Pyrolytic Carbon, Carbon/Carbon Composites, Isostatic Graphite, Carbon Nanotubes, Cathode Materials, Mesophase Carbon Microbeads, Graphene Oxide, COPNA Resin, Activated Carbon, etc.

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